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Chinese shoes Network October 15 hearing, a popular Chinese designer Alexander Wang (fans nickname him "King") Following last year after the launch of a limited joint and Shiseido cosmetics, turn in the autumn and winter and Nike launched a joint design series. The designer is well versed in business and fashion is definitely balanced way, taking advantage of the positive wave-born designer now, he Recently launched a new custom series Alexander Wang Essentials, taking pole a few routes, although not far off the price of Alexander Wang, but limit it makes a kind of "money can not buy," the myth, no wonder sales of red. practical flagship brand of "King" naturally very familiar fashion is not unattainable, it has been the "affordable fashion" to include in his brand management plan, as this is a joint collaboration with Nike one case, but in fact that he was close to the people already have a casual decks T by Alexander Wang. limited customization, designer collections, cheap decks, Alexander Wang with three different styles of brands at different price points to enter the consumer market, coupled with practical and stylish design, I believe that the long period of red day.Air Jordan 1 Mid in black and white color for recover the original simplicity, using high quality leather to create a black and white color interpretation, a perfect example of Air Jordan 1 Mid shoes design classic charm, now log on the Nike counter offer.flagship American style shoes brand Yuketen, in addition to American style design to attract, but also with the Japanese in detail to deal with delicate features. And in the latest fall and winter season, brands continue to embody this credo, creating the latest leather boot style called Khaki Tommy. Yuketen footwear brand fall, latest leather boots, single product release, shoes made in Canada, through high quality suede and leather create casual shoe body, and to show people with khaki tone; metal shoes eyes and Two-Tone mixed fabric shoes, full Heavy Duty style. The inside of the shoe is covered with leather, which greatly im jordan 3 katrina 2018 proves the comfort of shoes and reflects the preciseness of brand making. ray · Allen is not only the three King of NBA, but also the king of Air Jordan brand. We are all witnessing ray · Allen loves wearing Air Jordan 13. But none of us have ever seen ray · Allen's exclusive Air Jordan II PE. The Air Jordan II and most · ray; Allen boots are similar to white tone, green bottom and shoelaces, this is hundred-percent Celtics color. Air Jordan II PE is characterized by the ankle outside embroidered ray · Allen's nickname "Sugar Ray", continue to appreciate this shoes.This is a pair of color is very "demon" Air Jordan 3. is a pair of girls exclusive Air Jordan 3 color debut, before Cyber Monday, black and white, purple blue Dust Purple and True Blue are really the blue girl and this product offering, in this Christmas Eve day on Rio Teal last year is a AJ3. If coupled with the previous version of Wool wool, then in a short span of 2 months, the girls version of Air Jordan 3 up to 5 colors, of which 2 girls exclusive, visible Jordan brand attention to girls. interestingly, 5 pairs of AJ3, in addition to different colors, the upper leather material is not the same. The first black and white with light skin material, a common low-key to Dust Purple; to Nubuc form; the true blue OG first year followed a year careful combination of litchi peel light skin fabric; wool not have to say, the texture of novel wool. And to the Rio Teal blue color, the upper is the choice of the coarse grain of litchi peel, echoing with the toe heel burst crack, very powerful. black litchi peel, chastity blue PU midsole and uppers, plus the tongue and heel of the golden logo, let this pair of girls very exclusive color is also very beautiful temperament style. In December 24th, the number of 441140-018, only for girls to create. The Jordan Super.Fly 4 is the next installment of the Jordan Super.Fly series set to release from Jordan Brand. This silhouette is one of the more popular shoes from the brand aside from their Air Jordans series. Advertism foamposites for cheap ent Adding some upgrades while keeping its traditional look, the Jordan Super.Fly 4 is built with a one-piece, no-sew base that offers mesh detailing for lightweight breathability. The shoe keeps its Zoom cushioning that looks to be complete with FlightPlate. An external heel counter is built on the back for stability for the foot for all motion movement. As of right now there is no exact release date set for the first launch of the Jordan Super.Fly 4, as reports have them debuting later this October 2015. Check out the detailed photos of one of the upcoming releases as well as a few other colorways below and let us know what your first thoughts of the silhouette are in the comments section? Source: US11Nike LeBron 12 has been listed, and get a good response, but the day before the release of the network or a pair of Nike LeBron 10 EXT "Heat" James PE, perhaps you have seen the presence of James wearing the shoes, but today it can be closer to appreciate it. The body of the shoe to create the overall black suede, red dotted on the Swoosh and the bottom lining, in the use of yellow ink rendering, the lion Logo blessing in medial heel. Overall or low-key show James's domineering, but also reflects the color of the heat team theme.Reebok Pump Omni Lite new color matching debut 2013-12-08 22:40:10, in order to commemorate the birth of The Pump series 20th anniversary, Reebok will be engraved with a variety of those years with Pump technology classic shoes, including this pair of Reebok Pump Omni Lite. Two days ago we have to recommend a charming color / gray / green powder, this had appeared in the dunk contest in the classic shoes now in the color transformation of the designer, has become a trend of hundred-percent shoes, this time for everyone to bring a pair of white / Blue / orange color the Pump Omni Lite. White shoes with blue lace shoes and orange air pump and detail embellishment, very simple, but the shoes of the lining is great, mosaic design of the lining of the original, interested friends may wish to refer to.I. project name: Xiaoxian Cheap air jordans for sale leather factory foreign investment project two, project unit profile: 1989 plant construction, production in 91 years. Bankruptcy in August 2004 due to pollution problems. The leather factory covers a total area of 113 Mu and covers an area of 64 acres. There are two office buildings, one with three floors and 24 rooms, and one with four floors and 26 floors. 14 production workshop of 693 square meters, while a small two storey office building 14 rooms and 3 kitchens, 2 room to defend a project name: foreign investment projects of Xiaoxian leather factory two. Overview of the project unit: founded in 1989, 91 years of production. Bankruptcy in August 2004 due to pollution problems. The leather factory covers a total area of 113 Mu and covers an area of 64 acres. There are two office buildings, one with three floors and 24 rooms, and one with four floors and 26 floors. Production workshop 14, 693 square meters, and another small office building, two floors, 14 and 3 kitchens, 2 security rooms, living area has 11 bungalows. The factory is located on the south side of Xiao Tao highway 500 meters, close to Xiaoxian railway station, with convenient transportation. Electricity, water supply and other facilities, the production conditions of factories. three; project construction scale and content: overall sale and foreign lease contract. The overall price of 6 million yuan, lease contract annual rental fee of 80 thousand yuan. four; investment estimation and benefit calculation: the investment project and the investment scale are decided by the investor; according to the production condition of the plant, it can produce very good economic benefits. five; cooperation: whole sale; lease. (Editor: admin). and Chinese as a developing country with India, after the great momentum in the development of textile and garment. India, like China, has an abundant workforce. However, with the outbreak of the financial crisis and changes in the international situation, the textile and garment industry in India faces enormous challenges. Cheap jordans online according to India's commerce minister G.K.Pillai said the textile industry of India is the country's second largest export pillar, because of the global economic crisis in April 2009, the textile industry will lose 500 thousand jobs. The textile industry employs about 38 million people, accounting for about 8% of India's gross national product, but the textile industry is now facing a severe situation. India's exports fell for the first time in 7 years as India's largest market, the United States and Europe, headed for a recession and reduced demand for India products. Exports fell by 12% in October to $12 billion 800 million. India may not meet its $200 billion export target this year (by March). India's commerce minister G.K.Pillai said, by the Supreme Council of India's prime minister is expected to announce the first tailor-made relief measures in textile industry. The committee's recent strategy for global economic slowdown and India's export sustainability". "The Secretary of the Committee has discussed specific issues with many export sectors, and we hope to end discussions on Monday and submit export aid measures to the top Committee on the weekend and get the approval of the committee," the meeting said. Mr. Pillai said that in the first week of December, a ministerial meeting would be held to discuss export related issues and to accelerate payments for payments to the textile industry, including VAT refund. The government will actively consider restoring tax rebates and certificates of rights and obligations. The government lowered the export tax rebate before the financial crisis and the appreciation of the rupee. India will also strengthen anti-dumping efforts to prevent large-scale dumping from China, South Korea and Taiwan. From the chemical, textile, clothing, leather and footwear, synthetic fiber, tires, steel, flour mills, rice, crafts, motorcycles, meat and poultry industry representatives are listed in the face of their industry, and urged the government to take immediate relief measures. in addition, the government cheap air jordans online of India has ruled out a downward revision of the minimum support price for cotton. Led by the India Cotton Corp, the government has proposed a minimum cotton price support, as the minimum cotton support price has been raised by 40-45%. Federal government minister Sharad Pawa, who is in charge of agriculture, consumer affairs, food and public distribution, said the government had not considered amending the minimum cotton support price during the seventh session of the national commodity exchange congress. He said the government needs to protect the interests of farmers. As the minimum support price increased, most cotton varieties rose by 30-35% over the previous year, textile industry demand is expected to decline sharply, and also due to the global economic slowdown, export orders removed. )captain Paul's new boots Jordan CP3.VII from now on to join the ranks of NIKEiD, Chris, Paul series as a pair of head open NIKEiD custom shoes, Jordan CP3.VII iD provides options in each block and color light is very diverse, vamp camouflage, paint, luminous, Chroma gradient material and leather uppers a total of five choices, luminous elements is quite popular in recent years also a wide range of open selection, as far as possible to meet the needs of all fans of shoes, people have to admire NIKEiD to capture consumers resolve (laughs). Photograph: NIKEiD New Balance 247? Luxe, Sport and Classic after three different tonal theme, has captured the heart of different ethnic groups, when walking the streets are often able to capture the figure, 247 thin neat simple image to let everyone know more brand features. New Balance 247 Breathe as the main good air permeability, the body of the shoe front mesh to use engineering material, after using chloroprene rubber for support, and with REVlite cushioning technology to ride the feet, tongue tag has changed to a circular design, finally choose the color, white, dark gray, dark blue and rice six color, do not blindly choose color to appear, the light color is covered with a layer of mystery, far view appreciatd have different feelings. New Balance 247 Breathe will be sold overseas in May 1st, and Taiwan may pay attention to the New Balance Taiwan Lifestyle fan group or follow up reports inside the station. tablet source: Sneaker Freaker? / HYPEBEAST with the overall appearance of Air Max 2016 gradually become clear, a variety of colors will also follow. This time to stage is only GS (Grade School) shoes size version, solid vamp uses a light blue as a whole fresh color spindle, suitable for the recent climate with hearty, believed to have some women prospecting shoe are looking forward to its coming out of it, has been abroad on sale, priced at 155 yuan. source: EU KICKSadidas Ultra Boost can be said to be in the Boost shoes in the sense of the top shoes, while it is in the Sole Collector review, one of the best sports shoes on the first half of 2015 the glory, the latest color in Primeknit vamp is quite eye-catching, if the prospecting shoe had the opportunity to buy, may be the recent launch the Adidas Crazylight Primeknit Boost 2015 fluorescent yellow color collocation together, to create their own "fluorescent yellow combination", foreign listed in August 12th, this pair of shoes, priced at $180. source: Sole CollectorExclusive dynamic, run, technology, evolution, spring, new color, all-out attack PUMA has shown a high degree of ambition in the field of professional sports this year. In 2013, the new and professional technology running shoes, Mobium Elite, not only shocked the global market, but also captured the love of many runners. PUMA likes to return the design of the running shoes simply to the native gait, and develop the sports equipment that really helps the runners, based on the principles of biological movement. In the spring of 2014, PUMA once again launched a new generation of Mobium Elite V2, in addition to exclusive technology and high functionality inherited Mobium Elite in the first generation, and focus more on the feet of the comfort, let the shoes can change in its motion in the footsteps of adaptation runners, provide comprehensive comfort and support coating. PUMA ATTAC advanced technology trends and concepts of R & D team chief designer Steven Keating said excitedly: "the Mobium family using PUMA technology and dynamic exclusive run, shrink lifting big bottom is the secret key. When the front foot runners used in landing, the foot can be fully extended, at this time, X will be the sole elastic rope with extension and accumulation of energy feedback, therefore, runners in steps forward can obviously feel a push force, basically as it is a kind of tendon; distribution in a separate buffer pad of forefoot is helpful in the foot on the ground when dispersion pressure, provide runners more natural smooth running experience. "." Mobium Elite shoe designer Nikhil Jain said: "in the development of the second generation of Mobium Elite, we hope to make a breakthrough in the upper material and appearance, and maintain the shoe bottom and bottom sole technology. In the upper, we in order to pursue a better stability, so using EverFit midleg coated system; through excellent soft cloth and the inner cladding, a substantial increase in comfort. According to the Mobium Elite V2 women shoes, we are closer to the demands of women in shoe design, the overall structure of its technology similar to men, but in the upper surface of the heat bonded material and line extension is very suitable for women, is a female shoe last appearance of bone structure as a design basis. We are constantly striving for progress and making the Mobium family stronger and stronger. "Mobium Elite V2" professional technology running shoes (recommended price NT$3580 / January listing)A new generation of PUMA Mobium Elite by V2 technology professional running shoes sole dynamic running technology, follow the three characteristics of Mobium Elite: X type elastic rope (telescopic elastic feet kicked out of action to promote from to time), shrinkage lifting big bottom (height, length and proportion can adapt to the change of sole sole flexibility the), and independent buffer pad (provide perfect suspension and protection function section) this year whether there is a sale of space shoes or NBA player on the pitch in the space of shoes each is quite brisk, but this wave of space fleet will continue to trend to shoes next year, now Air Foamposite One exposure this? Suns color is said to be in the next year will debut, purple and orange to a vamp the other part of the decorative effect is quite good, let us continue to look forward to the color for next year. source: younokicks? there's a story behind every pair of shoes. Why would you want to design the colors? What's the motivation behind that? This is the topic that I met when I was wearing a customer's shoes, and the shoes became the bridge of communication. Not only can I know the friend, but also I can persuade each other (laughs). Return to UltraBOOST to join the adidas family for a long time, but has yet to open a customized message, just recently Adidas to celebrate New York's flagship 5th Avenue store mi Ultra BOOST launched the opening, NYC customer service, from the time point of the shop in December 1st the beginning of the opening day, allowing consumers to shop through miadidas design your own UltraBOOST, optional area roughly vamp, followed by TPU structure, Stripe support, the tongue on both sides of the 3 standard, and two pairs of shoe outsole options, it is worth mentioning that in addition to the current black and gray two colors, miadidas provides a special Ice Green colors to choose from, like the statue of liberty with at the same time, color, insole parts can also be printed on the NYC map style, let the shoes filled the big apple. Looking forward to the future, you can open this service on the Internet or other areas as well as more colors, or various personalized options. adidas mi UltraBOOST priced $265 yuan, currently available at the adidas 5th Avenue flagship store ordering. designs the adidas mi Ultra BOOST NYC through custom system design. source: miadidas / Hypebeast USA listed in January this year, priced at USD. 125, male US 9, weight 10.3 Oz, belongs to cross-country jogging type. features: source: Taobao