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With the current street fashion began with a retro trend, recently well-known sports brand adidas classic shoes adidas Superstar then its re-launch it over the first year of this pair of 80s Deluxe black and white color. The classic silhouette, black and white three bars, a signature style shell head, and finally with a golden tongue embellishment. Its price is $ 150, will be on sale recently at its designated store, interested friends may pay more attention.0.jpg (98.98 KB, download number: 1) download attachments saved to the album 2013-2-6 19:26 upload on the Internet recently exposed a custom made by Twizz a LeBron 9 Elite, referred to as the "Mahi Mahi" - mahimahi or ghost saury, color and bold innovation to our eyes, with belongs to its vast seas and golden beaches, like the dolphin fish bait fishing is in general, you do not like to feel the new LeBron 9 Elite. 1.jpg (84.91 KB, download number: 1) download attachments saved to the album 2013-2-6 19:26 upload 2.jpg (68.72 KB, download number: 1) download attachments saved to the album 2013-2-6 19:26 upload 3.jpg (73.57 KB, download number: 1) download attachments saved to the album 2013-2-6 19:26 upload 4.jpg (104.33 KB, download number: 1) download attachments saved to the album 2013-2-6 19:26 Nike uploadOften see some climbers in discussing the issue of non slip sole some, here I think from the point of view of theoretical physics, and we explore a. corresponds to a pair of shoes mountain climbers, the climbers weight is basically determined, then the step on the road when the pressure has been determined, the f becomes a constant. The friction coefficient of here, mainly depends on two factors, one is the road, one is the sole, because we study is different in some non slip soles of the road, so we here the road as a constant, the friction coefficient and friction coefficient mainly depends on the soles many friends think V; Hill bottom shoes slip, here I do not do the conclusions, but the friction coefficient of V rubber is certainly no other than the soles of rubber, because we know that in most brands climbing shoes are V with rubber soles. While climbing requires friction on the sole is the most stringent. Now we look at the effect of the last parameter of the friction contact area. Most of the actual circumstances, this index is the most influence we marched in different road feeling. As we all know, mountaineering shoe soles are made of various patterns, and these patterns is to increase friction shoes and the ground (that is, we often say that the "gr foamposites for cheap ip"), but why the pattern can increase the shoes and the ground friction? The conclusion is: the pattern can effectively increase the contact area to shoes and pavement under outdoor conditions. We mention outdoor conditions, mainly because we are climbing, crossing the road, walk to the main road, gravel, soil, grass, snow and so on. In the road to the sole projection pattern can go deep into the soft road to the vertical part of the projection pattern to become part of contact with the ground, so that it multiplied the sole and the ground contact area so as to greatly increase the friction. While in outdoor conditions, on the contrary, as we walk in the street or tile floor, the ground surface that is very hard, the sole pattern not deep into the road to the shoes and the ground contact area becomes small (only for the lower surface of the protruding part of the pattern), significantly reduce friction. While we still don't feel too slippery soles of rubber is climbing the friction coefficient is big. If you don't believe this, you can use a pair to wear for a long time, almost the sole pattern has been polished shoes, certainly the antiskid performance is much better than the new climbing shoes. effect of contact area in addition to outside there is a pattern, usually ignored the situation is: the soles of the soft and hard degree.The adifans 2010-8-10 08:49 editor 20108976110305.jpg (120.85 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-8-10 08:48 upload in fashion shoes, there's no doubt that New Balance is a master of magic, a fun and vitality gorgeous low-key personality, injected fresh inspiration and endless power impact by many well-known designers for 574 family. The Sonic 574 series by New Balance bold attempt to use new technology and materials, the suede grid cloth classic, and joined to create new technology "The sonic welded" seamless bonding technology, innovation and classic all blend into one harmonious whole. Colorful Sonic color 574 is a colorful magic finger magician card, bring the myriads of changes always follow the layers of surprise, let the fans hooked. A series of 0.jpg (95.07 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-8-2 upload at 15:06 The Nike 1.jpg (127.22 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-8-2 upload at 15:06 2.jpg (185.71 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-8-2 upload at 15:06 3.jpg (114.91 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-8-2 upload at 15:06 4.jpg jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black (142.69 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-8-2 upload at 15:06Player movement launched Nike SB Stefan Janoski new color 2013-01-03 11:10:39 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: Hypebeast] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes network on January 3 news, Nike's skateboarding Nike SB branch for the legendary riders Stefan Janoski launched signature shoes Zoom Stefan Janoski recently launched a new "Hyper Red". Shoes using canvas to create bold bright red, and with the same color of leather laces, Swoosh logo embroidered places presented in the form, curing rubber-soled built Zoom Air cushioning unit provides a sense of comfort and excellent grip wear . The Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski "Hyper Red" now available on the Premier purchase price of $ 78. Related newsNew Balance is most proud of the beauty of production series and usher in a new member, this dressed in grey suede coat with dark blue, wine red and other colors dotted with mesh material to enhance the overall permeability, finally with unique ABZORB corrosion epicenter bottom end. 1.jpg (280.24 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance M998CSU beauty products 2017-7-9 08:41 upload 2.jpg (274.44 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance M998CSU beauty products 2017-7-9 08:41 upload 3.jpg (326.53 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance M998CSU beauty products 2017-7-9 08:41 upload 4.jpg (311.81 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance M998CSU beauty products 2017-7-9 08:41 New Balance M998CSU upload, 001389512830437_720x450.jpg (63.74 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-12 16:51 upload in front of the double with the black color to create a Air Jordan 5 Drake is suspected to create special, dazzling golden shoe body collocation black details and the bottom, left and right foot liner were printed with the word "OVO" and OVO Logo owl. 1389512825712_720x450.jpg (80.46 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-12 16:51 upload Jordan 00[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee announced earlier, the Japanese sports brand ASICS will be the Tokyo Olympic partners. In addition to providing sportswear for the Japanese national athletes, it will also provide uniform clothing for all Olympic volunteers. Motoi Oyama ASICS Group President expressed his pleasure, and that "the company's philosophy is to set up and promote the healthy development of young people through sport, this concept direction Olympic and Paralympic Games is the same." ASICS ASICS Onitsuka Ba jordan 3 katrina 2018 xi Japan Mr. Lang established in 1949 running shoes sports brand. Main professional sports performance, running shoes based products. The current global annual sales of 25 million pairs of sports shoes, to become the world's fifth-largest sports goods manufacturer. Which with its global development strategy are not unrelated. Although in the past ASICS results are good, but relatively low-key brand of international fame, many people are in front of a few years ago did not know the brand. So in recent years, ASICS began to strengthen foreign propaganda, such as last year opened a shop in France and other countries, to establish a logistics center in Germany. Currently Jingdong network also has ASICS store, for the first time recognized brand people may think affordable, in-store discount is very large, most of the shoes are not 350 yuan can buy. But in recent years through fashion street shoot increasingly concerned about the brand's young people, which in turn should be a lot of money in the international fashion brands. Visible, ASICS positioned in the international market is still relatively vague. In order to further facilitate or improve its global strategy, ASICS recently said it would re-planning group structure, the adjustment will be layoffs in the coming months. Will first Japanese domestic business restructuring. In order to centralize production management, sales subsidiaries in Japan will be consolidated in the region ASICS Corporation Japan, most of the rest of the team attributed to the company's Hong Kong ASICS. media speak of the current era, propaganda has become one of the most important part of the development of the major brands. Games like this big event is undoubtedly the best platform for propaganda. About 2020 Tokyo Olympic sponsors, Tokyo Olympic Committee also gave the following list, including: Coca-Cola, ATOS, Bridgestone, Dow, GE, McDonalds, Omega, Panasonic, Procter & Gamble, Samsung, Toyota and Visa. As the sponsor, ASICS will be linked in the next five years and the campaign Olympic and Paralympic Games, they will also have the right to use the Olympic and Paralympic name and image, including a badge, mascot and slogans. So many years later, Japan has once again become the world's attention to the Olympics, ASICS will undoubtedly take advantage of this event started in order to further international fame. But success depends on whether it is an official Olympic sponsor ASICS, or more to the athletes unveiled NIKE commercial sponsorship and other brands who are more rosy up. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative a jordans on sale mens nd most professional shoe Information Centre co-brand: Hong Love shoes official website)[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Adidas (stores) in China last year a new group (stores) increased approximately 800 stores, can not let being in a closed shop tide and high inventory crisis Anta, Li Ning, and other domestic sports sports brand scared terrified you? Adidas "against the war" In 2012 the Chinese market, from international to domestic brands Nike, Anta, such as a public brand life is really uncomfortable. Whether it is Nike's performance shrink, or Li Ning, Peak and other domestic brands of closed shop and high inventories, both sports brand in the industry concentrates on the development of the hopeless situation. Just think now Which does not shut shop? can be closer observation, there is now also true that an alternative - Adidas. Recently, the adidas Group announced last year added about 800 stores in China. Moreover, in 2012 it received more than 14.5 billion euros in sales, and thus the same as previously announced new highs. According to previous high of Skyline Adidas CEO of China issued the "2015 leading road" strategy shows that Adidas plans to "an additional 500 stores in China each year, and held until 2015". Over the past few years, Adidas has been beyond the local competitors in China, and later quickly overtake rivals and return to the fast lane of experience, will undoubtedly become a classic business scene. In the fierce competition in the Chinese market, what is even more excited than to save the day and excited about it? And in 2012, it is still the darling Run is accelerating its development momentum has not been any interference, can not let Anta , and other domestic sports brand Li Ning scared terrified you? no better time It is understood that, compared with Adidas last year to accelerate expansion in China, China's domestic sports brands are trapped in the inventory pressure, the contraction in the closed shop situation. The rapid growth from its ambitious expansion strategy, announced by the end of 2010 in accordance with its "Gateway 2015" program, adidas will then increase to 5,500 stores in 8000, the city extended from 550 to 1,400 cities. In the first year of program implementation in 2011, it has been a net increase of 1,175 stores, expanding the 115 new cities. It is worth noting that low-tier cities (tier or even five or six cities) expansion is a key part of the strategy, the population from 50,000 to 500,000 of the city are included in the target, "in Beijing, Shanghai and other first-tier cities outside the air jordan 11 space jam for sale main battlefield, to sink lower tier cities, Adidas important future growth. "Adidas CEO Herbert Hainer said the company stability and sustainable growth as the goal, in 2015 the turnover will reach history highest. As of late last year, Adidas has opened approximately 7800 retail outlets in more than 900 low-tier cities China. In fact, Adidas plans to sink to the 1400 low-tier cities in 2015, while in 2010 started this strategy, Adidas business is limited to 550 domestic cities. In the industry view, this is no better time. Originally in low tier cities take advantage of Li Ning, Anta and other local sports brand is caught in the quagmire of inventory, leg to stand on. Adidas price high above, the four-tier cities sink channels, it is seen as a challenge to the domestic brand Li Ning, Anta, the main market initiated. Industry insiders pointed out, Adidas in China last year, 800 new stores, 500 shop far more than its target, accelerated in recent years reflects the Adidas shop layout in China, and gradually covering the market for small and medium cities. "Adidas shop layout of the current situation in China will be worse struggling local Chinese sports brand." Data show that only the first half of 2012, Li Ning, Anta, 361 degrees, special steps, Olympic and Chinese trends which six domestic sports brand of the total inventory as high as 3.721 billion yuan. In fact, in 2008, the market is too optimistic because of the Olympic Games, Adidas once caught a huge inventory predicament. In order to clean up inventory, cash flow activation, auto products at discount, would not only hurt the Adidas high-end brand image, but also leads to loss of many stores, resulting in "lose-lose", because the inventory can not clearing, dealers do not want to purchase, leading to a lack of sales terminals to boost the force, product backlog, creating a vicious cycle. So, Adidas changed the channel strategy, to help dealers clear inventory, tide over the difficulties, in order to later be able to move forward with ease. After two years of effort, eliminate inventory operations come to an end, the sound development of sales back to health. High Skyline that with Chinese urbanization, the purchasing power of the small city of the increasing Adidas newly opened stores can foothold in these areas. 2008 after the Olympic Games happen friction with dealers, Adidas recognize the importance of a wide range of channels, it is not standardized and low while excluding dealer loyalty, while stabilizing and strengthening ties with loyal dealers, while gradually increase the proportion of self-operated stores, the Internet channel to test the water. To this end, the company set up a special team to help dealers realize the ultimate consumer purchase. "In last year's business, wholesale distributors to help us grow the business growth than our own stores, wholesale distributors to help us conduct business is the focus of great concern to us, but also our 'plan by 2015' a very important part. We are very satisfied with their performance, we will continue efforts to make them profitable, so that their success in business. "High Skyline said. The industry made it clear that lifting the dealer's ability to ensure that both sides make joint efforts to ensure the normal operation of new product sales and inventory digestion. Fought side by side with the dealer, to ensure the best products and the best services for consumers, the auto business into their own business system, the two sides work together to create more value. occupied segment Despite escort dealers in the industry view, the key factors of the Adidas brand revitalized, depending on how to maintain a balanced growth in second-tier cities and lower-tier cities, synchronized growth trend. In fact, the low-tier cities is truly emerging markets, consumer brand awareness is not enough spending power is not strong, how to get them at affordable prices to accept the Adidas brand, and are willing to pay a premium for the brand, it is a huge challenge. The Correspondingly, more detailed help partition expansion Adidas, Adidas plans to help channel sink to penetrate into China more vast and scattered four lines to seven cities, towns and even some names China people are unfamiliar, direct control of these terminals from headquarters is undoubtedly difficult and inefficient. Thus, giving the region more autonomy, shorten decision chains become inevitable. Many multinational companies in project decision-making and funding approval, since many areas, often several months, their flexibility and market responsiveness far behind the Chinese enterprises. Adidas This changed it "because of the huge and difficult to turn around" the problem. In comparison, from the performance point of view, Nike has slowed the growth does not compete with Adidas, however, from the marketing strategy point of view, Nike still insist on brand preference to invest, while Adidas clover whether, Reebok or Y-3, etc., are relatively independent of the promotion program. However, more than 800 stores is not a small sum, China is so big, you can choose the place too much, there is not so simple to open, if poor management is a matter of closing. To this end, Adidas sent a research team to investigate the income level of local residents, asking them for the sporting goods spend much money, like what sports and so on. Moreover, the research team also examine the local business environment, statistics on the number of home appliances (market area) theaters, supermarkets, banks (market area), hotels, etc., in order to determine Adidas should enter the city. Currently, Adidas has a set of core brands, such as Adidas, Reebok, TaylorMade, music step, Reebok-CCM Hockey and the like. Ages for different consumer brand differentiation, has been presented. "Athletic Performance" series, mainly to do the traditional sports apparel, "Clover" series flagship fashion sportswear, "Y-3" series of the main push high-end casual clothes. In addition, in recent years new push Adidas sports fashion brand "NEO" expanding rapidly, due to relatively low prices, is seen as pioneering four-tier cities market weapon. "According to our survey, the Adidas brand identity can be said to move the hearts of consumers, we can put the characteristics of a good brand passed on to consumers, so that consumers Adidas to become a favorite, and more love the brand." High Skyline says. In fact, in 2012, Adidas to open two new stores at least a day, which requires excellent flow control capabilities, including the choice of location, decorating the shop, the right product at the best image display to the customer. Previously, Herbert Hainer, Adidas Group CEO announced that 2013 will launch product offensive. Since 2013 nothing like the Olympics, World Cup or European Cup, the feast of the global campaign to promote sales. He also said in an interview, the adidas Group will market many new products, such as a brand-new running shoes will reform the entire market. hit fashion abacus Today Adidas everyone is drunk and I alone am sober model. Adidas logic, China is a very special market, national sports participation rate is much lower than in Europe, but in the fashion, enthusiasm is very high. Thus, in recent years the Adidas sports fashion into focus. In other words, Adidas is to grasp the opportunity brought about by lifestyle changes. In fact, take the professional route and be successful sports brand Adidas is a good example. "Sporty" has always been the core concept of Adidas to consumers, providing high-end, high-quality sports products will always be placed first. But of course attractive specialization route, if suitable for the current Chinese market is still hard to say. First of all, the quality and professionalism of the brand companies have high quality requirements. The industry believes that professional sports brand line needs to master quite a few events and star of resources. But China's sporting events and star quality resources are very limited. In addition, the company's R & D strength and product development skills are also essential. Secondly, professional sports brand of the fact that the pursuit of the "right way", but the high cost of inputs must face facts, sponsor events, celebrity endorsements, R & D investment, these costs will eventually be reflected in the product price. Chinese sports brand to consumers are consumer attitudes and spending power, the domestic sports brand is difficult par world-class brand pricing. have to admit that in the past, Adidas brand image to promote the product and too much emphasis on sports and exercise elements of the spirit of the investment for the fashion element modeling is low, but in fact as more and more international fashion brands to enter the Chinese market, the people concerned and participation of fashion have gone up, and China's vast tier cities fashion conscious consumers have also awakening. "Adidas keen to capture the market signals can closely follow the market demand and adjust its product development strategy and brand communication strategy to maintain personalized products, product homogeneity worth has been caught in the Red Sea in the competition struggling Chinese local brands Lessons and Reflections. " Skyline High, said: "The young consumer habits are becoming increasingly fashionable, we devote themselves to build two brand, serve them with Originals, for example, we hope that this brand can quickly grow in a three-line market. . build NEO brand, in order to capture sports fashion series of market segments, with more competitive prices to serve four to six line market consumers. "The Adidas Group, also said that the development of high-end fashion sports industry has not yet reached its peak , Y-3 has become a high-end fashion sports industry contributed to the founding brand, SLVR is thrown spurt in this area. Group is actively planning, ready to develop a new market segment in the industry. From this, relatively low-cost fashion line can be described as sports brands are now wise choice, after all, companies now have to face the "cold", if you really just do not talk about the past but also the long-term. Therefore, the "not-so-sports" brand characteristics worthy of our sports brand to try. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)