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2010221103531642.jpg (127.53 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-2-21 17:06 upload from Toronto Canada brand Ransom and Adidas show again the good relations of cooperation, the continuation of the autumn and winter of 2009 quarter after series of shoes and apparel published also launched a new top 2010 spring quarter shoes series. In the series include Bluff, Valley Low, Curb and other rich design like choice. Concise, mentally mature texture and Ransom presented that as a complete picture noir. Shoes underneath, interested friends may wish to reference. 201022110364246.jpg (117.26 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-2-21 17:06 upload 201022110369856.jpg (54.22 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-2-21 17:06 upload 2010221103616652.jpg (35.81 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-2-21 17:06 upload 2010221103623215.jpg (106.78 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-2-21 17:06 upload 2010221103629786.jpg (55.82 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-2-21 17:06 upload 2010221103635232.jpg (42.12 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-2-21 17:06 upload 201022110〉0.jpg (226.22 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-3-7 upload at 12:02 to append the new color for the classic, overwhelmed by the introduction of more bright dazzling "Summer Pack". The new series includes blue and purple two color schemes, and yellow and blue details are used to make comparisons. Riotous colors match, show enthusiastic summer amorous feelings. 1.jpg (267.83 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-3-7 upload at 12:02 2.jpg (216.86 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-3-7 upload at 12:02 3.jpg (200.18 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-3-7 upload at 12:02 4.jpg (247.67 KB, download times: 0) download attachm Cheap foamposites for sale ent save to album 2015-3-7 upload at 12:02 5.jpg (177.9 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-3-7 upload at 12:02 6.jpg (216.46 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-3-7 upload at 12:02 7.jpg (265.3 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-3-7 upload at 12:02 8.jpg (186.95 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-3-7 upload at 12:02 9.jpg (23Rin Jordan Brand by laser series opened the 30th anniversary anniversary, Justwin Customs in Air Jordan 11 " Legend Blue" on the basis of the same color to create laser Laser.unless your bike is equipped with a backward mirror, or to know the road behind the need to rely on their own to see, this will increase the risk of. Recently Australia with producer is developing with front and rear double lens bike helmet Cyclevision, producers claimed lenses can for a rider provides 320 degrees HD coverage, hope to be able to promote the safety of bicycle users. The pavement condition of real time image in installed on the bicycle handlebar smartphone screens streaming playback Cyclevision bicycle helmets before and after each have a ring of lens, through wireless connection. Manufacturers spent 14 months to develop, is now beginning in New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom and other places to accept security verification test. Cyclevision bike helmet weight of 280 g, the camera can shoot 1080p, 30fps HD video, in addition to streaming, can also instant recording and storage to a microSD. Videos will be 4.5 hours of video recording mode on the microSD storage, built-in battery to charge USB, you can continue recording for 5 hours. Cyclevision is expected to be officially launched in the summer of this year, the price to be determined, but it will certainly be more expensive than the average bike helmet.After suffering, Nike LeBron 10 carbon element 2013-12-08 22:32:18 Nike LeBron 10 is destined to launch a lot of color, but like this pair of Nike LeBron 10 carbon element do not note such a low-key, but the significan Cheap foamposites for sale ce of the color is rare. The design was inspired by the process of turning carbon into diamonds under high temperature and pressure. Maybe that's what designers want to express. After nine years of hard work, James finally made a great success last season. So, the significance of double Nike LeBron 10 injection of carbon not extraordinary, it represents James in the nine years of suffering, eventually became a shining diamond". I also have to admire the designer's extraordinary imagination.Adidas Originals and the British pop diva, as well as many fashion brands inspired by Mousika's Rita Ora cooperation series, came to the second season, continue to Ora unique personality charm and Originals courage to express their spirit of self combination. At the same time, Gianna Jun perfect interpretation of the Rita Ora Dragon series, cross-border cooperation hit the high street fashion charm is still unstoppable. In May, the Dragon series was inspired by symbolic Chinese dragons, modeled on NBA jerseys such as vests and shorts, and created a sense of contrast through the stitching and remodeling of different fabrics and the introduction of soft chiffon. SMOKE series of smoke as the design elements, combined with breathable lightweight mesh fabric, to convey the mysterious dark alternative sexy.a few weeks later, Nike LeBron X will be officially released, GS will also debut. See now is a Nike LeBron X GS Black / yellow / red / grey color version of the overall style, close to the Miami team to the shoe body color, black color, chrome embellishment on the inversion of the Swoosh part is modified in the Swoosh University red shoelaces in the bottom and lateral / / full control Zoom section Air. Exact release information. 2012-9-21 08:07 upload and download attachments (93.48 KB) Sixteen years ago, Sergio Lozano launched a popular designer representative sports shoes Nike Max 95 Air, since this has been the retro shoes or shoes were engraved fans. Enter the era of high-tech, of course, will also meet the development of the times, so we saw this improved Nike Air Max 95360 new shoes. foamposites for cheap The uppers are made of gray and fluorescent green Hyperfuse material, and the soles match the dazzling fluorescent green AIR MAX 360 degree full palm air cushion outsole. The laces and shoelaces are also made of dazzling fluorescent green, and the shoes are understated and dazzling. Download (157.95 KB)if the search engine input "interest" and "work" two keywords, almost all of the results are to persuade the world, and tell young people not to be limited to the future interest in the vision of employment. Analysis of the website is not a career exploration due to the shoe, if want to explore the relationship between them may be three days and nights also cannot say, and work to survey every kind of exist, but also to let those people feel lost more of their understanding of employment and the future, to help them understand that in fact does not necessarily interest when the meal, and monotonous rice may not not be repeated after chewing in natural sweet. However, as to all the shoes like life exploration shoe, if the content of your work for further brand heavy, cooperate with the famous designer, or by a designer or developer of the identity of wandering in the shoe industry tip, various media website foam news for you as every other month, newspapers and magazines I believe it will certainly be a great power on the job. And if you really want to choose, excluding personal preferences for brands, Nike in the global clothing brand value of the momentum and its amazing energy development, it is estimated that many people will be in the hearts of choice. To this end, the website Sole Collector through senior staff experience and share for you, hope to be in love too long before many shoes a lesson, to tell you if you want to make a big hook in resumes, need to have what kind of attitude and skills. first, rumors of light is its Jordan Brand month will receive 30 thousand letter, so from the daily average of thousands of people have seen the opportunity to resume is not the focus, but a basic threshold, to understand who is the most shoes color, super market, who has many the Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale limited cock shoes, sorry, no one will care. In addition, Nike advised "to use talent, the supremacy of strength", and therefore there will be no so-called "rely on Relations" to obtain job opportunities. "Nike is a company that doesn't care who you know. If your professional skills are not up to standard, they won't hire you. It's an ironclad fact. "Talking about Jeff Harris, who worked at Nike's Portland headquarters for some time and now owns a shoe shop in Broolyn. If you graduated from college, in addition to love shoes outside he would not know what, and once the work experience is working in the beverage store or a convenience store, do not try to offer product analysis and sales work and presentation, because it is not possible. , however, you might want to say, I can learn by doing ah, no one born to understand what people? Indeed, everything is practice makes perfect, and if a profession can be replaced in a short time, then it is not professional. But the reality is cruel. With Nike in such a high position in industry, without expertise or exceptional qualifications, they don't have to spend time waiting for you to grow and thrive2 Under Armour was listed in the Curry, the network exposure of the new color, easy to Lenovo at first glance recently Team USA version, red, navy blue color in the bottom is also likely to collocation in the upcoming months after the Rio Olympics; but from the shoes and shoes decorated with gold at the bottom of the gold ink, has just won the NBA Championship glory with the warriors last season, say 'Championship' version seems to be possible, but the official for this pair of shoes no further explanation, you might guess prospecting shoe look at these shoes in the end is what version. source: @realchickenwop SKECHERS sports shoes brand in recent years continue to care about public issues, more attention to substantive action to prevent breast cancer, and for many years held the pink ribbon charity walking activities, this year will continue to arrange in 10/7 (six) than last year held popular praise Bitan scenic area, hoping for a vari cheap air jordans ety of ages walking, provide all their friends together to participate in public service activities, opportunities, and again wake up more people care for breast cancer prevention. 's substantial donations show support for breast cancer prevention and resolution SKECHERS again this year and breast cancer prevention foundation, in addition to continuing their pink ribbon shoe sales for 3% Taiwan Breast Cancer Foundation donated money, still walking day activities to participate in the activities of people are walking to provide free breast cancer screening, and if you want the event in addition to make everyone happy to go outdoors, can improve the public for breast cancer awareness, and to show the care of patients with breast cancer. activities, opening the newspaper, exquisite, to participate in the ceremony to you for long-term support and feedback SKECHERS shoe lovers, who attend the 2017 SKECHERS PERFORMANCE Pink Ribbon charity walking activities, you can get free exclusive love pink ribbon T-shirt and fashion hat in group B, the symbol we move forward together, will be able to start the maximum energy of breast cancer prevention and treatment. In addition, in order to provide you more abundant brand goods, this special offer SKECHERS beam and YOU by SKECHERS backpack, sports towels value plus the opportunity, let your favorite SKECHERS brand equipment, become a renowned event in the bazaar. this year SKECHERS Pink Ribbon Limited exclusive shoes, with long pin GO WALK 4 professional walking shoes, collocation recently asked the highest rate of YOU by SKECHERS series, each pair of shoes are limited exclusive pink ribbon in the pink silk shoes embroidered into the international breast cancer prevention unit authorized with the sign for a year after year, many female consumers, just listed are caused by hot, enough to show concern and support the domestic female consumers of public welfare activities. SKECHERS PERFORMANCE Pink Ribbon charity walking activity time: date: 2017/07/10 (a) 11:00 ~ 08/17 (four) 23:59 (up until full) registration URL: For more details please see. Marshawn Lynch is an American football running back one of the excellent history, with strong body and flexible mobility, always with a fierce momentum through defenders of array, so there is "Beast Mode" is the title. Inspired by his very personal characteristics of gold braces, the whole body of the shoe is brisk with gold and silver, plus logo in the bottom of golden ink embellishment, quite gorgeous. This color will be listed abroad in July 23rd. 2002 years in the United States held in Philadelphia NBA All-Star Game, Chris Webber's legend appeared to become the focus of audience, in addition to the heyday of the wonderful game, he is more suction eye on her feet by DADA SUPREME tailored for him all plating shoes, such as mirror like special effects has impressed in the hearts of fans. After nearly 14 years after C-DUBBZ came back to Taiwan in November, limited edition. simple appearance with exaggerated bright silver, the upper side of the shoe has a large area of TPU injection chip, the use of current plating solution will be painted, and in the correct temperature and time control, complete plating upper. Every detail of the shoes is polished by advanced electroplating technology, and it shows eye-catching style. This time, besides creating lightweight sole, and adding rubber particle design, it greatly improves the sense of grip and speed. in addition to the classic Star game version, DADA SUPREME also launched a black and American flag style, compared to the luxurious mirror, black and white style is relatively low-key neat, while another only in red, white and blue based colors, the body of the shoe is also joined the stars and stripes of symbolic elements, creating a thick America taste, like symbol of DADA SUPREME in the deep foundation of street basketball field. The three models are available on the DADA SUPREME online store and are available at the store. Click on the link to find out. DADA SUPREME C-DUBBZ silver plated: male NT$4850 yuan, female NT$4650 yuan DADA SUPREME C-DUBBZ black and white: male NT$4050 yuan DADA SUPREME C-DUBBZ American flag version: male NT$4350 yuan read regression classic boots Taiwan has been listed, priced at 4350 yuan, positioned as supporting shock absorbers. The midsole is made of Lunar (lightweight cushioning) and Phylon (stabilized) dual density foam material, suitable for runners with excessive internal rotation. The biggest feature is the new Flywire technology added to the shoes, which can be adjusted according to the individual foot type. The use of Engineered Mesh (upper functional mesh), with excellent support and ventilation function, toe and ankle part with synthetic leather as reinforcement. The bottom continuation of the previous two generations, the front foot of the Lunar slow shock material (purple) is exposed design, greatly enhance the comfort and shock resistance. source: runningwarehouse adidas JS Wings 3 came out last year with all black appearance, unique shoes appearance, has become a lot of artists, stars love the shoes. The spring and summer of this year, fashion designer Jeremy Scott started again in collaboration with Adidas Originals, launched JS Wings 3 "Gold Metal" new color; the vamp uses a lot of metal texture, and sole khaki, on the lateral and rear embroidered with designer Jeremy Scott's name. The shoes were sold off at Adidas, UK, and are available at SneakerPolitics for $250. news source: SneakerPoliticsUnder Armour Curry 3Zer0 Asia line starting colors Taiwan Area officially released on July 21st, the price of NT$4980 yuan. Under Armour Taiwan is currently available at Facebook's outlets. For further information, please refer to the following link. The actual selling methods, mechanisms and locations are subject to the notice of the store owners. More shoes can also be listed on the news information reporting of listed reference station. Under Armour Taiwan source: Under, Armour, TaiwanRecently, the well-known apparel companies Anta has always been an exception, third quarter operating situation of a sudden turn for the worse, same store sales growth slipped to the number of units, while the retail discount rate is also expanding. The sporting goods industry in the winter, more than expected earlier, the market shares of motion worries increase, end plate rally. management acknowledged that the two quarter of 2012 the amount of the order of growth will be lower than the first quarter rate of 15%, the next six months to 1 years, the industry will also be full of challenge, has been difficult to ensure that in 2012 three and fourth quarter fair results. In addition, Anta has planned for next year a net increase of 600 to 800 shops, now may also be due to increased number of closed shop, and a downward adjustment. "others do what it do, even the production base are the same, why it can be 15 times of PE, with only 10 times?" The fund industry said that this year, Lining in the trend has a profit warning, that the industry as a whole is a problem, sooner or later turn to Anta. (Editor: admin)Dunkman color design have never been absent since the second generation LeBron James boots, but in recent years with the popularity of LeBron Soldier, Dunkman design also spread to the above. Earlier lucky boots LeBron Soldier 10 A to enjoy on this classic color, and today this section also re release a group shot of beauties, let us enjoy it. item: 844378-103Price: Nike-Lebron-Soldier-10-Dunkman-01-800pix.jpg (239.98 KB, download number: 4) download Nike LeBron Soldier 10 Dunkman figure beauty appreciation 2016-7-24 12:56 upload Nike-Lebron-Soldier-10-Dunkman-10-800pix.jpg (204.44 KB, download number: 3) download Nike LeBron Soldier 10 Dunkman figure beauty appreciation 2016-7-24 12:58 upload Nike-Lebron-Soldier-10-Dunkman-08-800pix.jpg (253.7 KB, download number: 3) download Nike LeBron Soldier 10 Dunkman figure beauty appreciation 2016-7-24 12:58 upload Nike-Lebron-Soldier-10-Dunkman-11-800pix.jpg (286.68 KB, download number: 3) download Nike LeBron Soldier 10 Dunkman figure beauty appreciation 2016-7-24 12:58 upload Nike-Lebron-Soldier-10-Dunkman-07-800pix.jpg (217.26 KB, download number: 4) download Nike LeBron Soldier 10 Dunkman 0 figure beauty appreciation