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0.jpg (61.88 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-3-9 19:52 upload I do not know the other day in0.jpg (63.91 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:37 2016-6-30 in April this year, a Uncle Martian "sports brand" held a grand press conference, both from the trademark, enterprise name or UA graphics of American sports brand Under Armour blatant infringement, the latter is subsequently issued a statement at the end of the 4, and finally in the days before taking legal means to safeguard their rights. It is reported that the Under Armour in June 27th to the Fujian court fly Sports Goods Co., Ltd. and its associated company dema (Chinese) Co., Ltd. the two main infringement to Chinese Fujian Province Higher People's court filed a trademark infringement and unfair competition litigation. Under Armour will ask the court to issue a ban, impose damages of at least one hundred million yuan, and other legal remedies. In addition, Under Armour also adopted the China National Trademark Office and the Hongkong company registration office to take legal action on the two infringement entities.Converse's signature shoes Jack Purcell has its unique style of popular shoes fans of all ages, and more recently Converse is invited to the well-known Unionmade shop in San Francisco of the United States to show you the new Jack Purcell Cross Stitch OX shoe. This section with the senior black leather shoe body, and in a white cross line dotted with delicate vamp, finally cork insoles have a unique style, let this pair of classic bloom charm new. Unionmade-Converse-Jack-Purcell-02.jpg (55.6 KB, download number: 0) download Unionmade x Converse Jack Purcell Cross Stitch OX 2014-7-18 22:59 upload Unionmade-Converse-Jack-Purcell-03.jpg (48.95 KB, download number: 0) download Unionmade x Converse Jack Purcell Cross Stitch OX 2014-7-18 22:59 upload Unionmade-Converse-Jack-Purcell-00.jpg (69.98 KB, download number: 0) download Unionmade x Converse Jack Purcell Cross Stitch OX 2014-7-18 22:59 upload Unionmade-Converse-Jack-Purcell-01.jpg (39.37 KB, download number: 0) download Unionmade x Converse Jack Purcell Cross Stitch OX 2014-7-18 22:59 Unionmade Converse, Jack upload, Purcell Cross, Stitch OX 00The other day we first bring you a KD 9 black and white color spy, and today this again released a complete set of photos. The new use of white and grey Flyknit knitted material made of palm, and the latter part is equipped with black mesh material, supplemented by white Swoosh decorative flank, full palm Nike Zoom finally collocation Air corrosion epicenter bottom end. item: 843392-010 release Cheap jordans online date: June 18th black-white-nike-kd-9-1.jpg (103.53 KB, download number: 19) download Nike KD 9 black and white version once again exposed 2016-5-24 08:28 upload black-white-nike-kd-9-3.jpg (110.95 KB, download number: 25) download Nike KD 9 black and white version once again exposed 2016-5-24 08:28 upload black-white-nike-kd-9.jpg (114.32 KB, download number: 26) download Nike KD 9 black and white version once again exposed 2016-5-24 08:28 upload black-white-nike-kd-9-2.jpg (199.75 KB, download number: 20) download Nike KD 9 black and white version once again exposed 2016-5-24 08:28 Black Nike, upload, black and white 00VNTG EM and Air Max 90 material may be a highlight of 2013, this time we see a pretty pink color and fresh Nike Air Max 90 EM new, this shoe body with white EM material as base material, collocation lace holes gray lining, leather and black Swoosh and fender a decorative embellishment, fresh pink color collocation laser shoes lace holes and ankle heel AIR MAX tag and the spread of laser pink base. The AIR MAX window air cushion is unusual and dazzling dazzling. This section is scheduled for sale in 2013, like friends can pay attention to. 2012-10-16 09:07 upload and download attachments (138.84 KB) 2012-10-16 09:07 upload download attachment (146.43, KB) 2012-10-16 09:07 upload download attachment (143.75, KB) 2012-10-16 09:07 upload download attachment (118.71, KB) 2012-10-16 09:07 upload download attachment (133.68, KB) James as the latest signature Nike LeBron 13 boots in October 10th will be officially on sale the first color, the shoes are changed in appearance and hardware configuration, let a person very look forward to their combat performance ~ yo recently released by " " the Dragon Boat Festival as the theme of the NIKE Air Footcape; Woven, Woven material part mainly in blue, red and yellow and mixed. All China color vamp and totem, waves in the shoes of white part, meaning the " ", the dragon boat shoes very; the atmosphere of the summer, there is value of. Hideout and CLOT have launched this shoe. Hongkong's company goods have been completely swept, speculation is very high, you have to start quickly,. Source:sweet kicks earlier for you exposed IN USA NEW BALANCE MADE "US574 series, I believe there are a lot of fans and friends with it, but the overseas purchase increase many difficulty, therefore improve the price, price is lower. In fact, the domestic counter also has many noteworthy color series, are cost-effective choice, like August will log shelves ML574 new color series, with dark blue, grey and red respectively in three different styles, M574 is the most surface of suede, nylon net classic mix made of New ENCAP is still equipped with Balance sign cushioning system, providing excellent comfortable environment to Bordeaux color most worthy of attention, August shelf pricing 619RMB, interested friends may wish to pay attention to! classic sports car maker Porsche's design label Porsche Design, good will be a powerful and unconstrained style of creative thinking, with the Germans rigorous thinking and superb technology integration, such as with a series of Adidas cooperation, has been to combine high-tech and creative and minimalism aesthetics design concept praised. Overwhelmed, Porsche Design again and Adidas jointly build recently hot shoes Adidas ultra boost, but, unlike the previous Primeknit vamp and the upper is made of luxurious leather material and Primeknit combination, and equipped with unique design of grid lines would look chic and atmosphere. In addition, the tongue and heel position also marked "PORSCHE DESIGN Logo", highlighting the supreme status of the joint. It is reported that the shoe will be officially launched in the spring of this year, like friends may wish to pay more attention to our information. image source: sneakerpuma Slipstream most early series 1988 launched the first for New York eighties most representative sneakers! High system protection, air cushioning, are leading many sports circles. Even street people began to not wear it sports, but as characteristic outfit, music, hip-hop, graffiti circles are beginning to pursue this dual PUMA Slipstream series. PUMA Slipstream The Beast animal patterns added series Earlier play color design, swept the streets for five years, until 2002, PUMA began adding new elements, and was named The Beast Beast series; the name suggests, is the addition of wild animal element in PUMA Slipstream, and even to simulate materials emphasize real feeling. And this hair to be inspired by the then Japanese monster movies, for street inject new momentum, the entire double image positioning more vivid. PUMA Slipstream Monster several blockbuster series 2009 onwards, because technology is changing rapidly as the shoes, the shoes began to appear early this double decline many; therefore PUMA more carefully in the design, launch PUMA Slipstream Monster monster heavy number series. So named not mean heavy material, but the combination of the early play of color, wild animal reform elements, plus Monster series of material Great Leap Forward, let outfit who become street focus; design is more than just a single color or a single animal patterns, absolutely mash also cause other brands designed to mimic. PUMA Slipstream Rainbow Monster rainbow wild animal This double rainbow monster models, is this wave of reform in 2009 among the heavyweight single product, and very historical representation! Has upended conventional black and white leopard, zebra rainbow then laminated up embroidery, other vamp pieces more use ostrich grain leather, imitation shark leather components. This wave works pioneered hip-hop music playing colored outfit off. PUMA Slipstream JAPAN Japan Limited models Series PUMA series debuted day limit, adding Japan's most representative animal - eight serpent snake grain leather, the whole double simple and neat PUMA Slipstream version, arranged through the use of python striae show the original delicate Japanese technology , ultra-high fashion sense of concern. PUMA Slipstream Lite lightweight modern science and technology This double PUMA Slipstream Lite series is launched in early 2013 shoes, use Trinomic Tech lightweight technology, so that the whole pair of shoes a significant reduction in weight and improvement of the tongue, high protection system designed to render the most refreshing color Annual topic, follow-up there is more color, designs available. PUMA shoes finishing the last wild animal PUMA re-interpretation of a Japanese designer Slipstream, inspired by Tokyo street culture and the legendary Japanese monster design inspiration, bold use of horsehair and leather and other insects, different materials and design, The Beast word shoe side more conspicuous shoes He made a perfect name, PUMA monster shoes become Tokyo street fashion influx of people chasing a representative shoes. Like reborn monster seize world attention, emitting a strong and aggressive unique character. PUMA Slipstream Animal animal pattern series of shoes using horsehair shoe body design with a wild wild animal totem, shoes tube section still maintain the classic Gaotong shoes. PUMA Slipstream Animal monster shoe is now fully arrived in Taiwan. Another PUMA FutureSlipstream Lite is inherited Slipstream outer soles and most primitive hexagonal weave patterns, join different materials splicing new elements, such as: combine glossy mane and zebra snake totem canvas stitching. Sharp lines colorful dazzling design and color contrast of different materials to make more intense, the sole exclusive Trinomic into shock material, so PUMA Future Slipstream Lite shoes more lightweight and perfect comfort.Although the industry in the running performance is good, but the recent slowdown, and in the imperceptibly, the brand consumers have started to enter the aging process, in addition, the brand has been as a more casual brand. For these problems, New Balance is going to rally, get rid of leisure brand, attract more young consumers, the brand plans to do that ? New Balance CEO Robert Martini (Robert DeMartini) said their brand in the imperceptibly has become a "aging" brand, but they will be re focused to the performance of business, help create professional brand and attract more young consumers, get rid of the leisure brand image. this is a very busy year for New Balance. The brand signed a cooperation agreement with the Premier League club Liverpool football club, the agreement marks the New Balance officially enter the football field, and then launched the first global marketing activities, the theme is "Always In Beta", New Balance hope that through this series of efforts to shake consumer perceptions. "there's no doubt that we need to revive our business," he said. We are now growing at a slower pace than in the early twenty-first Century, and New Balance has grown old in the unconscious. Our consumers are getting older, and our performance in running and slow paced sports has been good." , "as an enterprise owner, this is definitely not what we want it to happen, but that's what happened.". The result seems to be that you are focusing on something else, ignoring this one or failing to carry out the plan." Robert Martini said at the sports business leaders summit. out of the casual brand image now focuses on its professional sports business. The goal of New Balance is to become the top three sports brand by 2020. But especially in the UK, the brand has been seen as a much more casual brand, which Martini is hoping to avoid. "it's clear that one thing we have to be very careful about is that people are just regarded as a casual brand. If you take a broad look at London, you see the most New Balance sneakers are Classics, and this shoe is not a bias in the professional performance of the product. We need to be aware of this." "we don't want to be a casual brand."...... Because you want to reinvent yourself or change it completelyWith the white and red color Air Jordan 1 Retro Low OG release, the many shoes stampede in sold out is to Jordan Brand delivered a perfect answer, at the same time also confirmed Jordan Brand to Air Jordan 1 added a new version of the resolution. This time, the network once again released two new color, with blue black and black ash continue to perform Air Jordan 1 Low classic. There is no specific release date and price, interested friends please continue to lock the fashion information tracking reports. air-jordan-1-retro-low-og-releases.jpg (296.85 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 1 Retro Low OG new color 2015-4-13 15:48 upload