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Air Jordan 6 exposure, a new version, red upper match white midsole and large crystal bottom, heel number 10 embroidery is basketball master hanamichi Sakuragi wearing shoes, vamp whole under the floodlights have special effect of 3M and glare vamp will shows Sakuragi flowers such as "slam dunk" cartoon image. This according to "slam dunk" to create the air jordan 6 "slam dunk" color, No.: 717302-600, with whistleblowers said not commercially available, the details we will continue to pay attention to. /〉〈br whether you finish is with sports injuries, or general pain and fatigue, be sure to remember after recovery performance good or bad and instant and not correlate with the absolute, is, every second counts. restore the first type: how much loss in the game, you need to make up the back (image source: 123RF) after the game to 30 minutes between this time is the main recovery window (The Primary Recovery Window), the body can be up to 50% increase in glycogen absorption. Note that because the running time if it will take up to 3 hours or more, blood flow to the body was beaten to the periphery of the extremities, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the stomach, so although the need to supplement immediately, but things can not be too difficult to digest, must be based on soft, species with a high glycemic index carbohydrates collocation amount of protein is better, like a milkshake, chocolate milk and at room temperature food better, ice cold food will makes the body consuming extra calories to digest the body temperature. diet is run after the first supplement plan, and the most important is the carbohydrate, especially high glycemic index, fast absorpt Retro jordans for sale ion of food, from the beginning of the game, rhythmic supplement of carbohydrate to once eat does not matter a lot, to an hour as a unit, and a few many meal to supplement. academics have said that not to eat too much starch, but this argument has been overturned, at least now research is to add more carbohydrates as the mainstream. Running is a long-term investment plan, whether it is an Olympic athlete or a holiday home, starch can not be less. University of Birmingham has published an article by Asker Jeukendrup, University of Birmingham, England, on a 41% and 65% of the recharge meal athletic performance, it is conceivable that the latter's performance in the long run better, and a lot of good. So, how can we not add starch? (image source: 123RF) in addition to carbohydrates, we also want to add protein to help damage the 〉NIKE sports player to skate shoes P-Rod III introduced the latest color 2012-06-29 08:28:56 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [source: Empty Island] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network June 29 hearing, last weekend my colleagues around the honor went to a skateboard, held in Wangfujing Party, although I personally was not skateboarders but handsome action, and I believe many people will Like envy. With the sound development of skateboarding culture, sports related equipment are increasingly being everyone's favorite. NIKE skateboarding shoes in this one as the pioneer, they designed the P-Rod III has been well received by a lot of people like it! Bold use of narrow shoes shoe design once became the focus, you can imagine the shoes feet were wrapped with when the slide contact, that strong sense of the touch panel will bring you what kind of enjoyment! P-Rod III more offspring signature shoe series has laid a good foundation! today for everyone to bring a set of new color, whether it is We still wear the normal wear are a good choice when you skate! Related newsadidas EQT Running Support 93 new color release 2014-08-27 15:15:05 & nbsp; adidas EQT product again return to the line up of retro shoes, retro shoes like this friend is indeed a blessing, in the upcoming next season, adidas EQT Running Support 93 will hit again , after the release of a variety of color, a few days ago adidas once again exposed the new two color, the shoes of people in the choice of color visual experience quite comfortable, currently there are no specific commercial information, like friends may wish to continue to focus on Our follow-up report. & nbsp; & nbsp; adidas Y-3 Qasa B-Ball is now on sale 2014-02-24 21:05:40 by the famous Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto, led by its senior regional adidas Y-3 in the last 2013 brings us surprises, hot model Y-3 Qasa High is widely sought after. In the new 2014, ladies shoes, fans friends it seems the addition of a good choice, and that is today for you to bring this adidas Y-3 Qasa B-Ball. Shoes have a very futuristic high-top contour, equipped with the same Qasa Tubular cushioning outsole, like car tires in general. Shoes priced at $ 435, will be held in major Y-3 counters and shelves recently designated shops. adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott JS Wings 3.0 available information 2014-10-28 10:57:49 Once exposed earlier spy photos of the shoes, this pair from the hands of the devil's designer Jeremy Scott shoes, today finally exposed their exact commercial information. Designer inspired Batman, like a whirlwind of wings armor design as tightly wrapped around the body of the shoe, giving a very heavy feeling, and patent leather shoes, body build, but also to shoes very trend of breath. The shoes will be landing in designated shops selling brand October 31, like a friend then do not miss it. & nbsp; New Balance MRT572 new colors now available 2014-10-27 11:20:41 A few days ago for its classic New Balance shoes MRT572 launched a new color, overwhelmed by designers use red suede with red mesh constituted shoes, black suede uppers and modified Logo dotted heel. Iconic midsole with raw rubber outsole color rendering for its proper shoes to create a retro feel. In the drab winter wearing a pair of such a "hot" shoes will make you become street most of a color. It is reported that the shoes have been available in some stores, a friend might like to look at it. & nbsp;in October last year, Nike released C ROM Superfly CR7 Mercurial Beauty Savage football shoes, and announced that it will be in the next few seasons in succession for the C Luo launched more than a wide signature Mercurial football shoes. Today's leading role is the Nike C Luo launched the second chapter of the signature football shoes. and before the exposure of the spy design is somewhat different, this pair of Mercurial Vapor x CR7 vamp materials seem to be different with ordinary assassin 10 generations, and we guess replacement upper materials in the new color assassin 10 also has difference. Deep blue upper looks smooth and has a reflective effect, looks full of sense of technology, coupled with the upper surface shining silver Swoosh, I believe a lot of friends will love this pair of shoes. come back to see the design. Different from the golden sand design of the ultimate Superfly Mercurial, the high end Vapor X CR7 Mercurial is followed by a black mottled shadow. At present, we can not determine the intention of such a design is? But the color of this pair of shoes from the point of view, it is certain that the relationship between the C and the sea and the sea and the sea. iconic Logo CR7 appears on the inside of the shoe heel, the same is a flash of powder material. compared with ultimate Superfly Mercurial, we are not more like high-end assassin? source: enjoyz this had "bad boys" by the former chief Isiah Thomas endorsement of Asics Gel-Spotyte is about to usher in the first stage regression, will be in front of the black and purple color Asics Gel-Spotyte. The shoes are made of black quality leather with white midsole and shoes with pink and purple matching each other. ; 2012-5-2 13:41 upload and download the attachment (105.05 KB) Nike designer Tinker Hatfield and Federer after the exchange that he wanted a pair of shoes with feeling of tennis shoes, so the birth of the double Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour, Lunarglide+ 4 Nike into the shoes design and Nike Hyperdunk+, originally designed by this pair of shoes a large number of mesh material, suitable for hard courts, but for the upcoming start at the French court, in particular the use of artificial leather material, in order to play the best function, in the palm to palm TPU material provides better stability and support performance, and the classical Zoom technology provides comfort and good cushioning properties.